Some of our telephone hotline clients have written to us expressing gratitude and support for our work on behalf of children. With their approval, we have reproduced some of their comments:

"As a military family unfamiliar with California Law, your staff was extremely helpful in walking us through the foster care process. Our story is full of many miracles, but we have currently adopted one child and we're within 2 months of adopting our other little guy. We are thankful for the time you took to discuss our case and answer our questions."
-James, Monterey, 2016


"Advokids is amazing. We are on the verge of adoption largely because of your organization. What a gift to our community to have a support system for foster and birth parents in order to look out for the best interests of vulnerable children. Thank you so much."

-Melissa, Los Angeles, 2016


"We are currently Foster Parents to 3 beautiful kids, soon to be Adoptive "forever" parents to our girls, and hopefully following, their baby brother. We personally have benefitted from your services & legal advice from Lucy. Thank you for your listening ear and guidance. We would have been lost and confused in the "system" without your guidance. Many blessings to you all and all your families, for a joyous and wonderful Christmas."

-Mona, Orange County, 2016


"Jan Sherwood helped me out a lot in a case in which my client, a 17 year old girl, was not given her 391(e) documents by her parents, who waived FR services. My client wants to get her California ID card from the DMV and can't do it without those documents. Jan Sherwood sent me an email which was very helpful. I spent the entire day today writing a motion that was largely due to Advokids. Thanks!"

-Thomas, Attorney, Imperial County, 2016


“Your organization helped me when you didn’t have to and I am grateful for that!”

-Jennifer, Out of State, 2016


"I would like to share our appreciation and gratitude for your helpful legal advice and unwavering patients. This is a very painful and stressful time for us. Your compassion and guidance is giving us the support and tools we need to negotiate the challenges ahead. Thankfully there are advocates like you all for the love of children and their families."

-Kate, Grandmother, San Francisco County, 2016
"Some months ago, you helped my wife Jenni and I with the case of our foster-to-adopt child. I simply wanted to thank you and to let you know that we signed adoptive placement papers this week, and we are anticipating finalizing our son's adoption in the next several weeks. We are very excited! It is a long story of how we got to this point, but suffice it to say that we took all of your advice, we were very proactive in dealing with the bureaucracy, we secured all manner of medical and Regional Center services for him, we received invaluable guidance from our FFA social worker, we actively engaged his attorney (who did what she could to help us, since we consistently acted in his best interest), and we were polite yet insistent with the DCFS social workers to press forward at every turn. Thank you again for your help and for all of your advocacy on behalf of vulnerable children like our son."
- Anthony & Jennifer, Foster Parents, Los Angeles County, 2016

“My family is so grateful for all your help as we began this 3 year process as well as all the work you and your team do on a daily basis for foster children and their families. I am looking forward to snapping our first forever family photo next week and ending our little boy's 4 years in the foster care system.”

–Melanie, Foster Parent, Alameda County, 2015 

“As an agency social worker I am always looking for support from those educated about the law and dedicated to helping foster youth. I have reached out to Advokids on a variety of occasions asking for help and information on law. They have never failed me. Furthermore, I usually receive an email or a phone call in under an hours’ time. I encourage my foster parents to contact Advokids when in need and have several families who call them almost daily. Their kindness never wavers and their advice is priceless.”

– Danielle, Social Worker, Stanislaus County, 2014


"My journey with Advokids began with one prayer, one click and one letter on their website. Advokids was heaven sent. They immediately responded, educated, empowered, and assisted me beyond belief. After seven months of excruciating heartache I am forever grateful that I was reunited with my little girl. Because of Advokids’ tireless efforts, dedication and passion to our children, foster parents and relative caretakers, my faith has been completely restored in pure human goodness!!! Thank you!"

– Tiana, Foster Parent, Sacramento County, 2014