Advokids provides the only free telephone hotline offering legal information to anyone concerned about a child in foster care in California.

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We are unable to provide legal information to people who are represented by a lawyer.

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California is home to 60,000 foster children, 1/3 of these foster children are under the age of 5

Many children spend 2+ years in foster care and experience multiple placements.

Permanent placements and enduring relationships protect foster children’s long-term emotional, cognitive and developmental health.

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Is Someone Hurting A Child And No One Is Listening?

Take Steps To Ensure An Abused Or Neglected Child Does Not Slip Through The Cracks.

In support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Advokids has launched a statewide “Protect California Children” campaign ( to provide information to all Californians about the action they can take when they see a child who continues to be abused, neglected, or exploited after a child abuse report has been made,

Become a Social Advocate to Protect Children

We need your help!

Use Advokids social tools to spread awareness about how to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Advokids Spotlighted In National Child Welfare Publication


Free Legal Hotline Empowers California Foster Caregivers

Written by Leah Burdick January 27, 2017

As an advocate for foster youth and foster parents, I’ve heard many foster parents complain that they feel voiceless when it comes to decision making and input into the well-being of a child in their care. If a child’s been with the foster parents for a time, they will have bonded, and the foster parents will be intimately aware of the child’s needs and sensitivities....
Where is a foster parent to turn for quick, inexpensive guidance when they feel their input is ignored or that decisions are being made that do not reflect the child’s best interest?
In California there’s Advokids, a legal non-profit that offers the only telephone hotline (877-238-4543) providing free legal information to anyone concerned about a child living in foster care...
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Advokids would like to acknowledge and thank Catherine Deridder MD, Jessica Richards MS, MSW, LCSW, and the UC Davis Center For Human Services for allowing us to share "Bridging Law and Trauma-Informed Care" with you. We collaborated with Catherine and Jessica in 2015 and asked them to create a training specifically for attorneys who represent children in foster care to enhance practitioner's awareness and encourage trauma-informed representation. We are so proud of their webinar!




Daniel just turned 5 and has been in foster care for 19 months. He is in his third placement. Daniel was going to have to miss his school performance to attend his court hearing this week. His fost-adopt mom and dad were worried because Daniel was afraid to go to court and very sad about missing a big day at school. They called Advokids’ free telephone hotline for help.

Advokids’ legal telephone hotline staff explained to Daniel’s ‘s fost-adopt parents that since he is now 5, the law requires his attorney to see him before each court hearing but he is not required to go to court. We encouraged them to email Daniel’s attorney and underscore Daniel’s history of trauma, his fears, and his need for stability. Daniel’s attorney accommodated a meeting with Daniel in the privacy of her office, and Daniel performed in his school play with his classmates. It was a great day!

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It’s difficult to witness a child suffering from abuse, but it’s even more difficult to report child abuse only for nothing be done about it.

As April is Child Abuse Prevention month, California non-profit organization Advokids, which provides the only free telephone hotline to offer legal information for foster children in the state, is running a campaign to prevent child abuse reports from being ignored...Read More

Simple Legal Forms Can Protect California Children From Abuse, Neglect & Death

PRESS RELEASE UPDATED: APR 4, 2017 10:07 PDT Advokids launches awareness campaign for National Child Abuse Prevention Month San Francisco, CA, April 4, 2017 ( ...Read More


NCACC Training - May 2, 2017 NorCal

Dependency 101 Trainings

SoCal April 29, 2017


The East Bay Children's Law Office is looking for a new Executive Director. For more information click here


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"We have been foster parents for 7  years.  We love Lucy and ALL the wonderful advice she has given us on 2 very challenging cases we had. Advokids is priceless!!!"

Nicole Jen Lyn Posted April 6, 2017

"I would like to share our appreciation and gratitude for your helpful legal advice and unwavering patients. This is a very painful and stressful time for us. Your compassion and guidance is giving us the support and tools we need to negotiate the challenges ahead. Thankfully there are advocates like you all for the love of children and their families."

-Kate, Grandmother, San Francisco County, 2016
"Some months ago, you helped my wife Jenni and I with the case of our foster-to-adopt child. I simply wanted to thank you and to let you know that we signed adoptive placement papers this week, and we are anticipating finalizing our son's adoption in the next several weeks. We are very excited! It is a long story of how we got to this point, but suffice it to say that we took all of your advice, we were very proactive in dealing with the bureaucracy, we secured all manner of medical and Regional Center services for him, we received invaluable guidance from our FFA social worker, we actively engaged his attorney (who did what she could to help us, since we consistently acted in his best interest), and we were polite yet insistent with the DCFS social workers to press forward at every turn. Thank you again for your help and for all of your advocacy on behalf of vulnerable children like our son."
- Anthony & Jennifer, Foster Parents, Los Angeles County, 2016

Words don't even come close to describing what Advokids means to me and my family. They saved our foster child's LIFE!!! The whole staff treats each child as if it is their own. At Advokids, the child is not a number. He or she is a real person with emotions and feelings. Please donate so that they can continue to help each one of us to give our foster children a VOICE in the courtroom.

Kelli – Foster to Adopt Parent

My journey with Advokids began with one prayer, one click and one letter on their website. Advokids was heaven sent. They immediately responded, educated, empowered, and assisted me beyond belief. After seven months of excruciating heartache I am forever grateful that I was reunited with my little girl. Because of Advokids’ tireless efforts, dedication and passion to our children, foster parents and relative caretakers, my faith has been completely restored in pure human goodness!!! Thank you!

Tiana – Foster Parent

I wanted to update you a bit and thank you again for all of your calm assistance during the sometimes turbulent last 14 months. Your guidance and compassion during this process was more than appreciated. It wasn't until we contacted you that we felt someone actually cared. You actually took the time to listen and talk us off all of the "ledges" this process presents. Your quick responses provided us comfort and reassurance, and we cannot thank you enough for being there for us.

Kristin – Foster to Adopt Parent

As an agency social worker I am always looking for support from those educated about the law and dedicated to helping foster youth. I have reached out to Advokids on a variety of occasions asking for help and information on law. They have never failed me. Furthermore, I usually receive an email or a phone call in under an hour's time.
I encourage my foster parents to contact Advokids when in need and have several families who call them almost daily. Their kindness never wavers and their advice is priceless.

Danielle - Social Worker, Modesto, CA